Thursday 16 October 2014

World Spine Day

Today - 16th October 2014 - is World Spine Day. It's a day when organisations who are interested in spinal health look to promote ways to enjoy a life with less back pain. If you've experienced back pain, you'll agree that this a truly worthy endeavour.

Spinal pain is common. Back pain, neck pain and disc problems are experienced by millions of people every day.

Recent research has found that 77% of people say they are currently experiencing back or neck pain or have done so in the past, while 24% say they suffer on a daily basis. 43% of people in pain state sleeping is a trigger and 44% say sitting causes them pain. On an average day, 82% of us spend up to 6 hours sitting in front of a computer screen; 49% spend between 2 and 6 hours watching TV; and 33% spend between 2 and 6 hours looking at a laptop or tablet.

Spinal disorders can have a profound impact on our daily lives. They can make basic daily activities such as getting up from a seat, walking or getting in or out of the car painful and difficult. They can often also interfere with our ability to take part in recreational, social and family activities. Work productivity is also often reduced in back pain sufferers. In the Global Burden of Disease Study, low back pain ranked highest in terms of disability and 6th in terms of overall burden on society.

The good news is that many of the triggers for back pain can be easily avoided. We know that people who work to maintain good posture and are more physically active are less likely to experience spinal pain. This is why the theme of this year's world spine day is 'straighten up and move'.

Here are some resources created for World Spine Day which you may find helpful:

Straighten Up And Move Posture pod
World Spine Day Brochure
Personal Activity Calendar
Stand Taller, Live Longer Poster
Just Start To Walk Resources
24 Hours of Strain Top Tips

If however you're already in pain, then myself and many thousands of chiropractors around the world will be more than happy to provide chiropractic treatment to help ease the pain and get you back up and moving again.

Let World Spine Day be your motivator to get things moving.

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