Thursday 12 June 2014

Clinic Improvements

Eleven years ago this month I opened a chiropractic clinic in Crosby. In an attempt to be creative and original, I named the clinic 'Back For Your Future - Family Chiropractic Clinic'. I think it succeeded in being creative. The name is however extremely long and doesn't necessarily trip off the tongue.

Last year I began the process of giving the clinic a new name when I had a new website designed and built. The clinic's online name since the website's release has been 'Your Back Clinic'. Renaming the 'shop front' of the clinic, so to speak, was delayed while negotiations over buying the building took place. Happily, the building is now owned rather than rented!

There are plans to renew the clinic's frontage and signage. A proposal for how it may look can be seen here. Further interior improvements will also follow in the near future. I hope this will enhance the patient experience for all who choose their chiropractic care here.

Thanks to all who have chosen to receive treatment here over the past decade - I'll continue to be here for you.