Wednesday 4 December 2013

Smart Phone Use

Smart phone use has exploded over the past few years. According to statistics released by Ofcom more than 50% of UK adults now use smartphones, almost double the figure of 2011. Smart phones are phenomenal devices; the stuff of science fiction only a few years ago. I use mine for emailing, browsing the internet, GPS, as a dictaphone, tracking my exercise, as a torch, for social media, playing games and lots more - not to mention making phone calls or sending text messages.

Having such a hypnotising device in your hand doesn't come without some potential dangers, though. Posture is an important issue. Keeping the head down, staring at what is quite a small screen for prolonged periods can cause neck problems and sometimes also results in headaches. Wrist and hand repetitive strain injuries have been linked with repeated over-stretching of the thumb across the screen in particular. As a chiropractor in Liverpool, I've seen such patients come through my door. Identifying the cause of the problem and ensuring that the necessary lifestyle changes are made is key. There are also potentially serious consequences of falls or collisions as a result of using the phone while out and about. I found this little animated video which is great and very educational. I think you'll like it.